Who are we?

Site url : https://www.godefroid-harp-competition.be

Name of this site : godefroid-harp-competition.be

This website is owned by l’asbl “Les Amis de la Harpe Mosane”

What personal data do we collect and why we collect it

For contest registration, we collect : last name, first name, natioanlity, e-mail, tel, birthdate, ID picture and portret.

These data are considered essential for the preparation of the competition, and we certify that they will not be broadcast or resold by our association.

In the contact form, we collect Last name, First Name and email only to be able to contact you by email. We don’t keep this data on our website. Nevertheless, we have established an anti-spam form (captcha) using the services of google.com and give to google.com rights to protect this data. We put this form on the autority of google.com privacy policy


We use technical cookies which don’t concern classical navigation on this website.

Embedd media

Posts from this website can receive media (as video) coming from other websites. In this case, we depend on the privacy policy from these sites.

Your right on your data

In case of comment on this site (actuelly not actived) and registration for contest, you can ask us (after the contest !) to erase data on this site and give you a copy of your data.

After the contest, it’s possible to ask the erasing of your data.

For any questions, contact us by email : web@the right-name-of-this-site.be (see §1)

Where do we stock your data ?

This website is hosted by OVH in Gravelines.

Neverthless, google.com has a special policy about its captacha tool.

Need more info?

mailto: web@the right-name-of-this-site.be (see §1)