Condensed information about the competition. Please, find the full information in the rules.

Ultimate subscription date

1st of March 2020

Category, age limit

The competition has 4 categories

  • Espoir
  • Jeune Talent
  • Excellence
  • Soliste

And only one age limit : 35 years maximum.

Howto choose your category ?
Choose the most appropriate imposed room for the level you think you are representing.

Compulsory works

  • Espoir : “Danse des Antilopes” from Vincent Ghadimi
    August 2019 version, available here
  • Jeune Talent: One work to be chosen between
    • Guitare, Op.50, Alphonse Hasselmans,
    • Aubade, Op.30, Alphonse Hasselmans,
  • Excellence : Two compulsory works :
    • a study, François-Joseph Dizi, free choice
    • La Mélancolie, Op.23 de Félix Godefroid
  • Soliste :
    • Qualifying round: a contemporary piece, especially composed for the competition, more or less 4min of length, to be send to all subscribed contestants beginning of December.
    • Finale: Two compulsory works 
      • Danse Sacrée et Danse Profane from Claude Debussy
      • a work by choice from Félix Godefroid

In addition to the imposed, you will submit a personnal choice of pieces . Your performance at the competition will include your free choice repertoire and the compulsory work(s) within the limit of time applying to each category:

  • Espoir : minimum 8 minutes , maximum 10 minutes
  • Jeune Talent : minimum 12 minutes, maximum 15 minutes
  • Excellence : minimum 20 minutes, maximum 25 minutes
  • Soliste : for each performance, minimum 25 minutes, maximum 28 minutes

All detailed information are in the competition rules

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