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Sylvan Blassel

Sylvain Blassel

Sylvain Blassel is a harpist and conductor. Very early in his career, his position as Pierre Boulez’s assistant with the Ensemble InterContemporain led to many formative experiences: working for…

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Elinor Bennet

Elinor Bennett est l'une des musiciennes les plus distinguées du Pays de Galles et est considérée comme l'un des professeurs de harpe les plus avant-gardistes et influents de Grande-Bretagne. Elinor…

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Vincent Ghadimi

Vincent Ghadimi studied music at the Conservatoires of Brussels and Rotterdam where he earned his master's degree in piano and chamber music in the class of Aquilles Delle-Vigne. He further…

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Nicoletta Sanzin

Nicoletta Sanzin, born in Trieste, graduated with top marks and honours from the Conservatory “J.Tomadini” in Udine under the guidance of Prof. P.Tassini. She went on to specialize in the…

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Anneleen Lenaerts

Belgian harpist Anneleen Lenaerts is one of the leading soloists of her instrument. In December 2010 she was appointedPrincipal Harpist of the Vienna Philharmonic. As a soloist Anneleen has performed…

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